This program provides you with all the knowledge and tools you will need to bid for, win and deliver major contracts.


There has never been a better time for social enterprises to win major contracts.

Governments and corporations across the world are competitively procuring an increasing amount of products and services. Through social procurement and associated supply chain requirements, they are also increasingly motivated to work with social sector suppliers. The market opportunity runs into billions.

It’s not easy though. It’s no longer sufficient to be cheapest, you now need to be the supplier providing the most economically advantageous offering. Considerations such as quality assurance, business capacity and continuity, compliance with legislation, and social outcomes all come into the equation.

While procurement requirements and tendering processes vary from place to place, and industry to industry, there are some common ingredients to be a successful bidder and supplier.

This online training program will show you how to bid for contracts, the terminology and requirements you will encounter, the main elements of a successful tender, and how to get your organization ready to manage and deliver contracts effectively.

E-learning Package

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This series of tendering courses has been developed to provide your social enterprise with everything you will need to bid, win and deliver contracts.

We can’t guarantee that you will win contracts as a result of this program. However, on completion you will be able to-

While we can’t guarantee you will secure funding as a result of this training, we can guarantee you will be significantly better placed to find and take on investment.
Through a series of 6 online courses, the program explains the tender process and gives you all the information, insights and tools you will need to win business as a social enterprise.

Bidding for contracts can be a big step that throws up many possibilities and risks. Find out more about the opportunities to bid for contracts, how to find them, and why every social enterprise should take these opportunities seriously.

Ever wondered what makes public sector and corporate buyers tick? Take this course to get inside the buyers’ mindset. Find out about what influences their decisions, the rules they must follow, and what this means for you as a bidder.

The process of bidding for contracts can be a minefield. Use this course as your step-by-step guide to the process. Learn about the terminology and requirements you will encounter and how to make the tough choice about whether to bid or not.

The competition is tough. Everyone is chasing that contract. Find out how how bids are scored, how to structure and present your tender responses for maximum impact, and the secrets of great tender writing.
It’s not always smart or possible to go it alone. Collaboration is often key to winning and delivering contracts. Find out when and how to collaborate, and the forms it can take. Learn how to build an effective collaboration and avoid the pitfalls.
So, what happens after the contract is won? This is where the hard work really starts. Find out about all the fundamentals of contract management. Learn how to manage relationships, ensure effective delivery, and mitigate the main risks.

E-learning bundle

$ 999
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  • Downloadable templates and worksheets
  • An array of relevant examples
  • Readings and further resources
  • Initial check-in call with the program leader


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  • Deepen your learning through an intensive, group-based training day (some locations only)
  • Access to exclusive resources, ongoing access to a program advisor
  • Certification on successful completion of an applied program assignment


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This introductory tendering training is designed for social enterprises and purpose-led businesses of all kinds (Co-operative, B Corp, Social Purpose Corporation, Benefit Corporation, Community Interest Company (CIC), Low-Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C), etc.). It will also be particularly helpful to enterprising nonprofits and charities involved in social enterprise activity and looking to take on contracts for the first time.

Got something to sell to public sector or corporate buyers? Getting confused or frustrated about procurement or tendering procedures? Think you can up your game to make winning bids? Need to build contracting capabilities or better manage the risks?

Look no further, this is the program for you.


This program has been developed in partnership with the CEIS Group, the largest nonprofit supplier of support services to the social enterprise sector in the UK, and internationally recognised social procurement experts.

The program instructor is Roddy Stewart, a specialist adviser with the CEIS Group. Based in Scotland, Roddy has been involved in the procurement field for many years. He has helped social enterprises to bid for contracts that have ranged from small and low value, to long-term, multi-partner contracts that run into the millions. He has also led a national social procurement program (the largest of its kind anywhere in the world) advising hundreds of government bodies on how to purchase more effectively from social enterprises, nonprofits and charities.