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This series follows the “Power Your Pitch” free video series. This series, called Pitch to Profit^3 (for people and the planet), will help you take what you learned in the first series, and expand on it in order to formulate a plan to give to funders, whether that be government, financial institutions, or private lenders.

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  • Course 1 - Business Planning Intro

    Planning to run an airline, or a lemonade stand? Plan for the level of risk you’re taking on. You’ll start this series following completing the free series called: “Power Your Pitch” bundle.

  • Course 2 - Secondary Research

    Often, other people have already completed research in the areas of impact you want to work within. We show you how to find and use that research to benefit you and your enterprise.

  • Course 3 - Primary Research

    When other people’s research can’t be found (and even when it can), the best thing is to get out there and conduct research on your own customers. This video will show you how.

  • Course 4 - Operations Planning

    Do you know how you will determine how much it will cost to run your enterprise, how many staff you may need and for what positions, and what equipment or facilities you may need? Learn that here.

  • Course 5 - Marketing Planning

    From your earlier work in “Power Your Pitch,” you would have spent some time researching and validating your market. In Step 2 and 3 listed above, you would have further proven the case for your product or service and your customers. Here you will take that information for how you plan to reach your customers through your marketing efforts.

  • Course 6 - Financial Planning

    In this section, you will wrap up all the planning you’ve completed to date, and determine how much it will cost you to run the business over a three-year period.

  • Course 7 - Legal Considerations

    Lastly, once all your other planning is complete, you will evaluate what legal structure your enterprise can take. This step is intentionally left until last to allow you to form the enterprise to the structure that will best suit your plans, and not the other way around.

"Balancing the use of the SEI online workshops with one-on-one coaching has proven extremely useful."

Elizabeth Perry, Interpersonal Insights

Pitch to Profit People and the PlanetWhat You’ll Learn

  • How to plan for operational needs like staff, equipment and facilities (if needed).
  • How to put together financial information for investors and funders.
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  • How plan for risk.
  • How to prove your product or service is actually needed.
  • How to conduct quick research on a business idea.
  • What legal structure to take.

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