The program provides you with the confidence, insights and tools you will need to find and take on social investment.


Customers are the lifeblood of any business, social or otherwise. They make the difference between success or failure.

Effective marketing underpins success as it guides every interaction between your social enterprise and its potential customers.

Marketing is not just about promoting a product or service. It also involves:

  • Researching potential customers.
  • Developing offerings that suit your customers’ needs.
  • Determining the optimum price for your product or service.
  • Selecting effective marketing channels.
  • Implementing winning promotional strategies.

Successful marketing for nonprofits and social enterprises doesn’t come about by accident, and doesn’t have to be scary. While there’s always an element of trial and error, there are social impact marketing strategies, techniques, and tools that have proven effective.

These marketing courses provide everything your organization will need. It covers all the main aspects of creating your product and then getting that product into the hearts, heads, and hands of your potential customers.

E-learning Package

$ 999
  • Availability: On Demand
  • Access: Unlimited
  • Courses: 9


This program will develop your understanding of essential marketing tools strategies (both relationship-based and digital marketing) designed specifically for social impact organizations – mission-led businesses, social enterprises, nonprofits, charities and co-operatives.

After completing these marketing courses you will be able to-

By helping you reach and serve customers, this marketing training will set your organization up for business success, and ultimately, greater impact.

Through a series of 9 online training courses, the marketing program provides all of the foundational knowledge and tools you will need.

Marketing is a necessity. Something that all social businesses and nonprofits must embrace. Find out how marketing fits within your operations, how every social entrepreneur can find the right marketing mix, and what to include in an effective marketing plan.

Customer intelligence should inform all marketing decisions. Find out how you can apply proven research techniques to find customers, get to the bottom of their needs and wants, and understand what influences their purchasing decisions.

Customers buy products and services based on two main criteria. Price and quality. Find out how to go about pricing products or services in a way that covers costs, maximizes revenues, and maintains high levels of demand.

There’s more noise than ever in the market as companies compete feverishly for customer attention. Find out how, as a social impact organization, you can cut through the noise and craft compelling messages that can activate demand from different customer groups.

You can’t make money if you can’t get in front of your customer. Find out how your product or service can be distributed, the pros and cons of different options, and how you can make the right placement choices for different market segments.

Lots of opportunities exist to sell to corporate and public sector buyers. Find out how to sell to other organizations, including where to find customers, how to prepare for a bidding process, and how to set wholesale prices (for volume sales).
More of our lives than ever are spent in the digital world. If that’s where people are, then that’s where you need to go. Find out how you can improve your online presence, how to gear up for digital marketing, and what tools you can use.
It’s far more cost effective to retain a good customer than to find a new one. Find out the strategies you can use for customer retention, viral marketing, and customer upgrading, to increase revenues, build loyalty, and extend your mission.

Don’t keep your social impact story a secret; shout it from the rooftops. Find out to use tried and tested communication methods to share your evidence, strengthen your message as a social enterprise and mobilise an army of supporters behind your cause.

E-learning bundle

$ 999
  • Introductory program video
  • Unlimited access to all 9 online courses
  • Downloadable templates and worksheets
  • An array of relevant examples
  • Readings and further resources
  • Initial check-in call with the program leader


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  • Everything in E-Learning Bundle
  • Deepen your learning through an intensive, group-based training day (some locations only)
  • Access to exclusive resources, ongoing access to a program advisor
  • Certification on successful completion of an applied program assignment


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  • Everything in Accelerated Certificate
  • Personalized program
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Access to group coaching every two weeks by way of video calls
  • 10 one-on-one coaching sessions


This marketing training is designed especially for social enterprises, purpose-led businesses (B-Corps, L3Cs, CICs, etc.), co-operatives, nonprofits, and charities. It’s for new marketers as well as established ones.

Is your organization struggling to stand out in a crowded market? Unsure if your marketing strategies are effective? Can’t decide where to allocate your limited marketing resources, or where to start? Looking for better alternatives to traditional nonprofit marketing training or standard digital marketing courses?

Look no further, this is the program for you.


This program has been developed in partnership with Social Delta, an agency that offers consulting services to social entrepreneurs and organizations wishing to conceive, launch or expand a social-purpose enterprise.

The program instructor is Jonathan Wade, the Principal at Social Delta. Based in Ottawa, Jonathan has more than 25 years marketing experience in the not-for-profit sector working for agencies providing community supports in health care, newcomer settlement and integration, human rights, crisis services, international development and poverty alleviation. Many years in charitable fundraising led him to better understand the power of great marketing in leading to diversified and sustainable revenue.