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Starting a social enterprise is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. By finding where to focus your effort from the start, by validating if your idea will work, and by knowing what people to call on to help you, plus a few other tricks, you can save yourself a ton of time and effort.

You’ve got this.Learn how to tell your story with confidence.

  • Readiness Assessment

    Use this course to take stock of the staff skills, resources, and physical assets that are already part of your non-profit. Through a ten-step process, learn about all the things you already have that can be useful in helping you start a social enterprise. They may even inform you of what enterprise you should pursue.

  • Opportunity Identification

    During the Opportunity Identification Course, you’ll work with your team to identify the best social enterprise ideas to follow that will both help achieve your non-profits vision and impact goals, but also work well with the resources, staff skills and assets you have on hand. Leave knowing the best idea(s) to pursue, having tested them on four important criteria.

  • Social Impact

    Determine what social impact you want to make in the world, what you will do to get there, and how you will measure it, using the Social Impact Canvas Course.

  • Business Model

    In the Social Business Model Canvas course, determine how your enterprise could run, including what products or services you plan to sell, how you will get them there, how you will collect money, and who you will partner with.

  • Prototype

    Create the smallest as possible version of your idea. This could be a two-pager document, to a video, to a physical product, and try to get someone to buy it so you can test it with real customers. The prototyping course will outline how to do that.

  • The Team

    Discover through the Building the Team course how to build a diverse and talented team to help you as you develop your enterprise. Social enterprise is all about community and collaboration, after all.

  • The Pitch

    This is where you wrap up all your work and put a bow on it! Learn through the Making the Pitch Course how to show people the value your enterprise will provide in just a few sentences, and learn how to craft pitches of your product or service depending on your audience.

Having this resource as a guide and to inspire my next steps on this private venture journey is a real blessing.

Olivia Rossong

Power Your PitchWhat You’ll Learn

  • How to build a strong and diverse team
  • How to pitch your idea the right way to the right people
  • Where to go to find what you need
  • How to build a social enterprise for an existing non-profit
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  • How to name your impact
  • How to achieve your impact in simple ways
  • How to avoid wasting time and money on an idea that won’t work
  • How to avoid common traps in building a social enterprise

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