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The social enterprise world is growing rapidly. With that comes the emergence of new grant programs, financing, coaches, programs and intermediaries that want to help develop social enterprise. With that comes a lot of noise, and questions like: who is actually experienced in successfully helping social enterprises to start and grow? Who can I hire to help me with my project? How do I know this will help me achieve impact and get good results?

This is why the Social Enterprise Developer Designation was created; to professionalize the social enterprise sector by providing rigorous education and certification in the skills required for social enterprise; coaching experience, business acumen, and social enterprise knowledge and experience.

Start taking courses today to prepare you for taking the certification. Or start the Experience Assessment right away to start challenging the requirements with the experience and credentials you already possess.

  • Take Courses Online

    Get started at any time by taking courses online. If you know you lack knowledge in certain topics available on the website, enrol yourself in the courses to gain the knowledge necessary. At the end of each course, there is an optional assignment you can take – this will allow you to use the course towards the certification, once you choose to do so.

  • Get Assessed

    You can start the assessment any time. This will allow you to review all that is required to achieve the Social Enterprise Developer Designation, and what you still need to in terms of knowledge or experience to achieve it. Through doing this, you can determine how much more work you require to achieve the SEDD. Click this section to be led to the assessment module on SEI.

  • Fill in Knowledge and Experience Gaps

    Once you know what your gaps are from step 2, you can start filling knowledge gaps through taking courses on SEI or taking other coaching or business-level courses, and you can start filling experience gaps by working with individuals or groups building a social enterprise.

  • Get Certified

    Once you complete the required knowledge and skill requirements determined through your original assessment, you can re-assess to achieve the certification. Our Assessors will review all documentation and references you submit and notify you within one month whether you’ve successfully achieved the designation!

  • Start Coaching, Consulting and More

    One the Social Enterprise Developer Designation is achieved, you will start receiving opportunities for coaching, teaching, training and consulting, both through the SEI site through our funding partners.

Balancing the use of the SEI online workshops with one-on-one coaching has proven extremely useful.

Elizabeth Perry, Interpersonal Insights

Social Enterprise Developer DesignationWhat You’ll Achieve

  • Knowledge of all key subject matter related to social enterprise development.
  • Professional recognition for the experience you’ve gained with clients in assisting with social enterprise development.
  • Ability to apply coaching and mentorship experience to a professional designation.
  • Ability to prove your skills when applying to coach, consult and/or receive funding for your work.
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