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The Social Enterprise Institute’s in-person training programs are designed to accelerate learning by providing an expert instructor, connection to a community of fellow social entrepreneurs, and a venue to ask questions and work through your problems. The in-person training is complemented by access to the Social Enterprise Institute online video courses related to the training content. A practical online assignment must be completed in order to earn a certificate in the subject matter. Read below to learn about the current training available in person through the Social Enterprise Institute.

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This program has been designed to support better ‘impact practice’. In other words, all of the things that social sector organizations can do to plan, measure, communicate and grow their social impact. It provides the tools you need to show your enterprise delivers well, creates impacts (social, economic and environmental), creates value for the people you are accountable to, and lives up to desired ideals and practices.

This program has been designed for social entrepreneurs and representatives from organizations that use business methods to benefit society – social enterprises, purpose-driven companies and enterprising nonprofits. It is also relevant to the supporting cast of grant-makers, advisors, investors and government officials that work with social enterprises.


Participants have four months to complete the program, which includes:

– An Impact Practice 101 Video that introduces you to the topic, covers the 10 building blocks of better impact practice, and provides access to our self-assessment test.

– A Full-Day Intensive Workshop* to attend, led by a world-leading expert in social impact measurement. With peers, you will explore the course content, cover the fundamentals of social impact measurement, reflect on your current practice, and take away an array of helpful tools, templates, tips and tricks.

– Follow-up access to an on-demand, self-paced E-Learning Package developed in partnership with the team at Social Value Lab, which includes 10 courses packed with instructional videos, learning activities and downloadable content.

– Completion of an Integrated Assignment, where you develop a Social ImpactMeasurement Plan for your organization (or one you are supporting) using a template provided, and submit it for grading and feedback.

– Award of Certificate in Impact Practice on successful completion of the online learning modules, intensive workshop, and integrated case study.

*The next scheduled workshops will be held in Toronto (18 June 2018) and Halifax (20 June 2018).Further dates will be added.


This course will be led by Jonathan Coburn, founding director of Social Value Lab, an international centre for impact practice. Jonathan has worked with social enterprises, purpose-driven businesses and nonprofits for 23 years as a business consultant, evaluator and impact measurement specialist. Over the period his focus has been on finding better ways for organizations to achieve clarity of purpose, better performance, measurable impact and greater influence. He set up Social Value Lab to provide organizations with the actionable tools, know-how and skills they need to transform their culture and impact. He continues to work with frontline enterprises and nonprofits in the UK and Canada, as well as the supporting cast of governments, national and international agencies, foundations and investors.


For more information, download the full program description here.

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For further information about the program, contact:

Lauren Sears
(902) 899-2446
[email protected]

David Upton
(902) 790-2600
[email protected]


TrainingWhat To Expect

  • 1-2 days of collaborative, interesting in-person training
  • Receive access to video-based online modules to further your understanding of the topic
  • Earn a certificate in the area of expertise
  • Access expertise to help with any issues you come across
  • Learn the skills to make your enterprise thrive!
  • Connect with experts and other social entrepreneurs to discuss your ideas

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